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Values = High Efficiency and Maximum Profit

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Summer is the time for road replacement and heavy equipment plays a key role. This got me thinking about the power of the Caterpillar Excavator 349F. With 417HP, CAT states this model is "High Efficiency for Maximum Profit". Compare this to the shovel in my backyard and you can see the amount of work that can get done with 417HP versus 1HP.

Like the CAT 349F, core values can result in high efficiency and greater profit for your business. How?

  • Have you ever felt frustrated because your employees didn't place value on what you value?
  • Have you ever felt discouraged because staff didn't seem to care about what you cared about?

If so, you may have felt like you were digging alone with 1HP. This can happen when others don't understand WHAT you value and WHY.

Contrast the above scenario with a leader who has shared their core values with staff. Furthermore, the leader reinforces these core values at every opportunity. They teach and coach the team around making values based decisions. They talk about core values during daily huddles and weekly staff meetings. They speak about their values during monthly business reviews and quarterly strategic sessions. This type of leader is building a culture of "high efficiency with maximum profit". They are producing 417HP from shared alignment around WHAT matters and WHY.

So make the decision today to train, teach and reinforce your values. This will pay dividends in organizational health and financial performance.

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